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The art of smile creation

Cosmetic Dentistry

A “smile makeover” improves the appearance of your smile through one or more procedures, it works with you to develop a healthy, esthetic and functional smile.


New Teeth


Losing a tooth due to injury, dental decay or gum disease can happen. One of the most recent dental innovations, an implant is a small surgical fixture made of biocompatible materials that is placed into the bone and functions in the same manner as the root of tooth.

  • Replicates the look, feel and function of natural tooth.
  • Does not require the involvement or preparation of the adjacent teeth.
  • Long term solution.

Teeth Correction

Orthodontic Treatment

La especialidad para alinear y perfeccionar la posición de los dientes por medio de aparatos fijos o removibles, para una estética y masticación adecuada.

  • Treatment for adults and children
  • Works in teeth that are overcrowded, rotated, or spaces in between.
  • Transparent equipment
  • Healthy smile with aligned teeth

Rejuvenating your Smile

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can be lightened and brightened by means of a non-invasive process that will make them appear whiter, the most effective and safest are the professional strength ones available at the dentist office.

  • Done in a 40 minutes appointment
  • Made in stained or darkened teeth by food, age, tobacco use.
  • Can also use a professional take home system

Taking care of the little ones

Pediatric Dentistry

With an emphasis on establishing oral health habits that last a lifetime, our primary tools are education and a comprehensive preventive care program.

  • we create and maintain beautiful and healthy smiles for our younger patients
  • Preventive care to protect your child's smile from the beginning
  • For childhood dental decay we recommend periodic fluoride and dental sealants

Root Canals


Is employed when the nerve supply to a tooth has been irreversibly affected by damage or decay. It is a way to prevent or help resolve a dental infection and save a natural tooth from extraction.

  • performed when there is enough structure remaining
  • required when this dental pulp is irreversibly damaged or has died.
  • A 40 minutes appointment

Miofunctional Orthodontics


Removable intra-oral appliance System, used to correct crooked teeth, overbites & underbites with underdeveloped jaws, combination with habit correction therapy.

  • no-braces approach to straightening teeth and jaws
  • helps to correct underlying conditions and poor oral habits
  • trains children to Breathe through the nose; Correct tongue position, Swallow correctly.

Dental Extraction

Oral Surgery

Sometimes it is necessary to extract a tooth. Usually in a severely broken down and non-restorable tooth is present, or “wisdom tooth” is poorly positioned and unable to fully erupt into place.

  • we use safe and controlled sedation techniques
  • bone grafting can be done.
  • Laser Frenectomy


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